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Patrons of the Kendall National Violin Competition


The Right Honourable Yehudi The Lord Menuhin OM KBE (perpetual patron)

Hazel Hawke AO (perpetual patron)

Mary Valentine AO

Donald Hazelwood AO OBE


Honorary Committee of the Kendall National Violin Competition 2020


Artistic Director/ President: Dr. Goetz Richter AM (

Vice President: Ensi Payne

Treasurer/ Public Officer: Amanda Potts

Secretary: Mavis Barnes OAM (

Competitor Liasion: Fran Bec

Chrystine Bouffler

Maxene Hutchison

Rosemarie Piontek

Lesley Priest

Eunice Roberts


Website: Lyndal Coote


Life Members of the Kendall National Violin Competition 2023

A/Prof. Dr. Jeanell Carrigan AM

Prof. Ole Bohn

Brian Clift

Lyndal Coote

Douglas Head

Lisa Head

Colleen Kelly

Keri Levy

Angela McPherson

Anne Molver

Ensi Payne

In Memoriam

Elaine van Kempen

Graham Caldersmith OAM

Carl Anthony Pini

Goetz Richter 2023 Nicola Dawson.jpg

Nicola Dawson Photographer

Artistic Director/President Dr. Goetz Richter AM


Goetz Richter is a violinist and philosopher at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Goetz has appeared as a violin soloist, recitalist and chamber musician in Australia, Asia and Europe and has been a leader and guest leader of a number of Australian Orchestras Symphony Orchestras for two decades before being appointed as Associate Professor at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2002. He has collaborated with many outstanding Australian and international artists.


Goetz is artistic director of the Kendall National Violin Competition and President of the Sydney Schubert Society and has presented masterclasses and lectures throughout Australia and New Zealand, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Fuzhou and Wuhan where he was appointed visiting professor in 2013.


Born in Hamburg, Germany, Goetz Richter studied violin performance in Munich and Berne before settling in Australia in 1985. He completed his PhD in philosophy in 2007 at the University of Sydney and has published in philosophy especially on Nietzsche and Plato and in the philosophy of music, musical performance, music education and violin pedagogy. In 2019 he was appointed an honorary Member of the Order of Australia.

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