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The Kendall National Violin Competition presents a number of community performance projects with the generous support of the Kendall Community Op Shop. As part of the Finals weekend, a group of musicians present live music to local primary and preschools.

At selected times of the year, a string workshop for community musicians is presented featuring some of Australia's leading string educators.

strings workshop Feb 1.JPG

Kendall String Project @ The Kendall School of Arts

February 2017 

Workshops lead by eminent Australian music educator Fintan Murphy followed by a free performance featuring the Geist String Quartet, four musicians from the National Orchestra of Samoa and an ensemble of resident musicians.

The workshops were funded by a Kendall Community Op-Shop grant.

Samoan Musicians Feb 2017 4.JPG
Detail of Preschool drawing.jpg

Kendall Pre-School Artwork

September 2016

This artwork was created by the children at Kendall Community Preschool in response to the visit of the musicians from the Kendall National Violin Competition.
The individual violin collage works were constructed as an opportunity to further extend the children’s  knowledge and understanding around this musical instrument. Whilst ‘making their own violins’ the children shared many conversations about the shapes and components they needed to include. From tuning pegs to sound holes to bows made with horsehair. 
The large group collage work began as they drew on a large sheet of fabric to the “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’. Initially listening to the music, trying to identify the instruments, noticing as the music became louder and softer and then trying to move their drawing pastels in time with the music.

“From having the amazing opportunity of listening to your musicians, to listening to recorded music, to creating musical drawings and collages, we would love you to know that the power and pleasure of music continues to be explored and enjoyed by the children at Kendall Community Preschool.” 
(Kendall Community Preschool)

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