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Michal ProkopMichal Prokop Violin
In 2016 the Kendall National Violin Competition awarded as its first prize a violin made by the luthier Michal Prokop. A native of the Czech Republic, Michal completed his early training in Prague and at the West Dean College in the United Kingdom where he graduated with distinction in 2010 and gained the West Dean Chairman's prize in recognition of his high achievements during the instrument making course. Michal has worked in Kent, the United Kingdom and Ireland before settling in Australia where he now lives on the mid-north coast. He is rapidly establishing a reputation as an emerging, masterful maker of violinists, baroque violins and violas.

"Commissioning a violin from Michal Prokop is a realisation of the Kendall National Violin Competition's vision to promote young, accomplished and dedicated Australian makers as well as our rising stars and virtuosi. I sincerely welcome this young colleague to share the inspiring experience of this competition and the challenge of making violins of excellence. While violin making is necessarily a solitary work, the collaboration of makers who are passionate about skill and knowledge is essential to building a national tradition of instrument making in Australia. The Kendall National Violin Competition is just the kind of enterprise to promote this aspiration"
Graham Caldersmith

$500 Special Award  (The family of the late Dr Peter Lee) - to the winner

Joan Levy


The Joan Levy Memorial Award - $4,000 - to the winner

Joan Levy Memorial Award to the value of $ 4000 to support artistic development and projects advancing study and artistic performance. This award is donated by the family to honour Joan Levy’s enthusiasm and support of the Kendall National Violin Competition.




Audience Choice Award – $500  (Pentimento North Haven)

Best performance of an Australian work - $500  (Kendall Services & Citizens Club)

Best performance of Bach - $500 (Gillian Appleton)

Excellence in performance of the Sonata - $600 (Anonymous)
“In Memoriam Richard Pollett”



15 September
KNVC Finals

Kendall School of Arts
Read about the semis here

Sarah Chang
Dindin Wang  
Johnny van Gend
Gemma Lee

Judges for the finals in Kendall
Ole Bohn
Patricia Pollett
Charles Stegemann

Tickets $40 full day, $20 half day
(students $20/$10)
Phone Mavis Barnes 02-6559 4339,
PO Box 86 Kendall NSW 2439

16 September
KNVC Celebration Concert
Kendall School of Arts
Tickets $40, students $15
Phone Mavis Barnes 02-6559 4339,
PO Box 86 Kendall NSW 2439

17 September
Schools Concerts

28 October

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