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Riley Skevington2017 Finalists
Mitzi Gardner, Emmalena Huning, Riley Skevington, Johnny van Gend

Winner - Reilly Skevington
Bach Performance - Reilly Skevington
Australian Composition - Emmalena Huning
Sonata Performance - Reilly Skevington
Audience Choice - Reilly Skevington

Zoe Freisberg 2016 Finalists
Zoe Freisberg, Gemma Lee, Kyla Matsura-Miller, Yebin Yoo

Winner - Zoe Freisberg
Bach Performance - Gemma Lee
Australian Composition - Yebin Yoo
Sonata Performance - Kyla Matsuura-Miller
Audience Choice - Kyla Matsuura-Miller

Harry Bennetts

2015 Finalists
Harry Bennetts, Tiffany Cheng, Jimmy Park, Nicholas Waters

Winner - Harry Bennetts
Bach Performance
 - Nicholas Waters
Australian Composition - Jimmy Park
Sonata Performance - Tiffany Cheng
Audience Choice - Harry Bennetts

Yejin Min

2014 Finalists
Yejin Min, Tiffany Cheng, Josephine Chung, Rollin Zhao

Winner - Yejin Min
Bach Prize
 - Rollin Zhao
Australian Composition - Tiffany Cheng 
Sonata performance - Josephine Chung
Audience Choice - Rollin Zhao

Grace Clifford

2013 Finalists
Grace Clifford, Ben Adler, Tony Zhia, Yeijin Min

Winner - Grace Clifford
Bach performance
 - Grace Clifford
Australian Composition - Ben Adler
Sonata performance - Grace Clifford
Audience Choice - Grace Clifford

James Dong

2012 Finalists
James Dong, Cindy Chau, Grace Clifford, Charlie Westhoff

Winner - James Dong
Bach Performance
 - Grace Clifford
Australia Composition - Charlie Westhoff
Sonata Performance - James Dong
Audience Choice - Grace Clifford

Anna da Silva Chen

2011 Finalists
Anna da Silva Chen, Cindy Chau, Monique Lapins, Victoria Wong

Winner - Anna da Silva Chen
Bach Performance - Victoria Wong
Australian Composition - Monique Lapins
Audience Choice - Anna da Silva Chen

Lisa Pallandi

2010 Finalists
Liisa Pallandi, James Dong, Lachlan O'Donnell, Anna O'Hagan

Winner - Liisa Pallandi
Bach Performance
 - Liisa Pallandi
Australian Composition - James Dong
Audience Choice - Liisa Pallandi
2010 Timberlay International Travel Scholarship
Liisa Pallandi

Glenn Christensen

2009 Finalists
Glenn Christensen, Aris Cao, Liisa Pallandi, Sujin Park

Winner - Glenn Christensen
Bach Performance
 - Glenn Christensen
Australian Composition - Glenn Christensen
Audience Choice - Glenn Christensen
2009 Timberlay International Travel Scholarship
Glenn Christensen

Melody Wang

2008 Finalists 
Jiajing (Melody) Wang, Tessa Ho, Christina Morris, Lachlan O'Donnell

Winner - Jiajing (Melody) Wang
Bach Performance
 - Jiajing (Melody) Wang
Australian Composition - Christina Morris
Audience Choice - Jiajing (Melody) Wang

Jonathon Mui

2007 Finalists
Jonathan Mui, Doretta Balkizas, Sonja Schebeck, Alice Higgins

Winner - Jonathan Mui
Bach Performance
 - Sonja Schebeck
Australian Composition - Sonja Schebeck
Audience Choice - Sonja Schebeck

Jennen Ngiau-Keng

2006 Finalists
Jennen Ngiau-Keng, Sonja Schebeck, Lillian So, Bing Xiang 

Winner - Jennen Ngiau-Keng
Audience Choice
 - Jennen Ngiau-Keng
Australian Composition - Jennen Ngiau-Keng

Ray Chen

2005 Finalists
Ray Chen, Janet Anderson, Jennen Ngiau-Keng, Xi May Zhen

Winner - Ray Chen
Audience Choice
 - Ray Chen
Australian Composition - Janet Anderson

Katherine Lukey

2004 Finalists
Katherine Lukey, Anya Muston, Jennen Ngiau-Keng, Richard Pollett

Winner - Katherine Lukey
Audience Choice
 - Katherine Lukey
Australian Composition - Richard Pollett

Mariene Ito

2003 Finalists
Mareine Ito, Emma Jardine, Emma Skillington and Zhu Wen

Winner - Mareine Ito
Audience Choice 
- Zhu Wen
Australian Composition - Zhu Wen

Marianne Boradfoot

2002 Finalists
Marianne Broadfoot, Neela de Fonseka, Katherine Lukey, Hiroaki Yura

Winner - Marianne Broadfoot
Audience Choice
 - Hiroaki Yura
Australian Composition - Neela de Fonseka

Vivien Jeffrey

2001 Finalists
Vivien Jeffrey, Sarita Kwok, Victoria Jacono and Alison Heike

Winner - Vivien Jeffrey
Audience Choice 
- Sarita Kwok
Australian Composition - Sarita Kwok

Patrick Wong

2000 Finalists
Patrick Wong, Victoria Jacono, Marshall Kim and Hiroaki Yura

Winner - Patrick Wong
Audience Choice
 - Hiroaki Yura
Australian Composition - Marshall Kim

Gu Chen

1999 Finalists
Gu Chen, Sun Roh, Monica Grosman and Erica Kennedy

Winner - Gu Chen
Audience Choice
 - Gu Chen 
Australian Composition - Sun Roh



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